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Fish be like: even if I’m dead I’m going to rip your throat to shreds with my bare bones.


Lizards be like I’m going to mate your wife then sacrifice you to the Dark Overload Satan

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Hey momma. I want to talk to this guy but I'm plus size and don't feel like anyone could possibly like me... Please help.

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 Momma is a 350 pound shark with a face full of sharp teeth, and people love momma.
 You are a wonderful person, and Momma loves you. Be brave, and be gentle with yourself.


In which Disney gives you incredibly wise relationship advice.

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please do not be mean to dogs they are only trying to help

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Skógafoss, Iceland

Elie Saab Collection

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Harry & Alex. (x)

What a wonderful sense of humor! 

HAHAHAHAHA love this

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c. 1920 
Suffrage Flyer
Missouri Historical Society Collections

touch a hair on skyes head, ward, and i will cut a bitch

yes, lets go into the random rock shelter that could be evil. good. yes